Talk Show Pricing

Zoom Virtual Talk Show Pricing

Zoom Virtual Remote Talk Show

This is a Social Distancing Broadcast Show.  Broadcast live from your home or workplace computer or phone. We produce the 30-minute show. You host and feature, up to two guests.


  • Maintain a safe social distance while engaging your audience
  • Promote Upcoming Events
  • More in-depth view of how you deliver your services
  • More entertaining than a monthly newsletter
  • Expand your audience by Streaming your show to Facebook, YouTube or your website
  • Stay in communication with your Donors or clients
  • Recognize your Donors or clients in the Show
  • Bring attention to your Volunteers or staff

Talk shows are great venues for educating and entertaining your audience.  We make it easy for you to have a professionally produced virtual talk show.  You provide the Host for the show (Or, for an additional fee, we can host your guests, if you are shy) and you provide the guests.

HypeCats will professionally produce the entire show and give you a High Definition (1080p) recording of the show, that you can use on your website, social media or TV.

You and your guests will be given a website link. This link will allow you to enter our professional production software.  Your webcam and microphone will be used to produce you, and your guests, in the show.

The Process is simple and requires very little or no technical experience on your part.  He is what we do.

  • Pre Planning
    • Tech checks for all people in the show for lighting, sound, and environment.
    • Gather pre-roll video, exit video, and one video to be featured during show
    • Gather names and logos of all speakers to be used in the show
    • HypeCats to Generate a Zoom Meeting registration link
  • During the Zoom Virtual Talk Show
    • Includes one HypeCats staff to run the Virtual Studio and Show
    • Activate recording of the webinar after the pre-production checklist is complete
    • Promote your sponsors during the show 
    • Optionally stream the webinar to YouTube or Facebook
    • Control which presenter’s video and audio is on or off
    • Display Name Titles and Logos when speakers are 1st presented (lower 3rds)
    • Keep Track of the timing of events during the talk show to stay on schedule.
  • After the Zoom Virtual Talk Show
    • Hypecats to record the show and post on with a private link for you to view, share or embed in your website.

Average Zoom Virtual Talk Show Costs:

Requires a minimum three-month commitment for at least one show per month.

One Time Setup: $750

1st Talk Show per month: $500

2nd Talk Show within the same month: $300


Optional Costs:

  • $200 per additional guest, up to 8 guests
  • $200 for each additional 30 minutes of broadcasting
  • $300 If HypeCats staff Host your interviews + $100 for each additional 30 minutes.
  • Zoom Management: Ask for a quote based on your needs.


  • Zoom Management (Optional)
    • Create Branded Zoom Registration Page
    • Control the video and audio of attendees.
    • Manage Zoom Chat to engage the audience with questions
    • Manage Chat between attendees and between panelists and attendees. 
    • Privately chat with attendees that are experiencing problems with their camera for poor quality video, microphone issues, or background noises.
    • Create and run all Polls
    • Help to manage Q&A
    • Help to manage questions submitted through chat
    • Report Analytics on attendees after the show is complete
    • Recording of show