Virtual Set Productions using vMix

Virtual sets are fun and once they are set up, it’s very easy to invite guests into your program.  The video below took 15 minutes to record.  It involved three people, the Host of the show, the Guest of the show and one person to produce the show.  The show was produced on a laptop computer.  The final show has NO post-production.  The show can be streamed live or recorded for distribution on websites, social media and emails.

Community Spotlight Interviews with Michael Kramer & Garrett Gruendyke. Garrett is a Financial Advisor with EdwardJones. Garret answers the following questions:

1) What is CalSavers?

2) Why is the State of California forcing this on Employees?

3) What happens if your company doesn’t offer its employees a Retirement plan?

4) What are the steps needed to offer employees a retirement plan? Michael shares his experience when he visited Garrett’s office to set up a SIMPLE IRA for his employees.

For Interviews in Community Spotlight, Michael Kramer can be reached at

[email protected] (805) 456-6011