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Denisa TovaThank you very much Michael. I’m overall very happy with it. I think being that it is our first time we really nailed it and gave people something that’s different and we can only perfect it from this point on.

Warmly, Denisa Tova
September 23, 2022



July 14, 2021


Our vaccine piece will go up tonight.  I want to thank you for your quality work, quick turnaround and responsiveness.  We’ll be back very soon with a new one.

John Steele
Publisher & Editorial Director
New York, NY

See The Published Article Here “Here’s the Right Story for Vaccine Holdouts”

Link Ventures

July 1, 2021

Why our event was successful. The first was the high-quality video production.

For the event, we hired a vendor, HypeCats Video Producers. Ahead of time, they shipped us equipment for the Tahoe venue that they remotely controlled. Equipment included a high-performing laptop, top-of-the-line optical zoom PTZ video camera, professional microphone, and lots of connecting wires. They worked with us prior to the event to set up the equipment in the Tahoe venue. Their equipment connected with the 65 inch TV screen at the venue.

During the event they directed the video feeds, from their production studio, to produce a seamless show that was a great experience for our Presenters on Zoom and for us in the Tahoe venue. It was like a national news show. They decided when to go with which of the multiple video feeds including; single speaker camera, speaker’s slides, multiple speakers in a panel discussion, and added graphics, logos, animation, digital environments all so the audience on the zoom and in Tahoe could have a great experience. Our Presenters sent their slide decks to the production team who seamlessly published the slides during the presentation. Our presenters were able to remotely advance their slides from a simple phone app.

This didn’t feel like a regular zoom meeting, because it wasn’t. They remotely controlled the video camera in Tahoe, zooming in and out on us in a way that presented us well which was key for the Q&A portion of the blocks and allowed for us all to not be on our computers on separate zoom calls. It was the perfect blend of a live event in Tahoe (no Zoom) with virtual guests being presented through professional TV production software.

They recorded our speakers’ presentations, producing these high-definition quality videos (not compressed video if we recorded over zoom). This setup only necessitated having a simple Zoom account for our Presenters to log on to. HypeCats Video Producers proved extremely successful. This format could be successfully implemented in the future for similar gatherings.

The University of Utah

March 30, 2021

Mark – just wanted to drop a note to thank you so much for including us in the forum. We’ve had some great discussions with the groups we matched with. I can tell you, unequivocally, that this was the best virtual forum we’ve done. Efficient, engaged and interactive discussions, and…no issues at all on the tech front!!

Ole Miss RMI

March 18, 2021

Thank you for reaching out.  I am delighted to recommend the Ameravant/Hypecats for their webinar work.

First, let me say that we used them in October and then turned around and hired them for our second symposium this month. I think that speaks to our satisfaction considering that the cost the second time around is twice the amount.

Also, I will add that they give you deadlines and remind and encourage you each step of the way.  The first time around, we contacted them very late in the process.  We had rescheduled from March 2020 to October 2020 with hopes that we could host a live event.  In September, we determined that we could not, and I reached out to Michael Kramer.  We put together a 2-day seminar with concurrent sessions.  There were some minor glitches, but it did not affect the quality of the symposium.

One thing I want to emphasize is the importance of your speakers doing the tech check prior to the event.  Most of our speakers are corporate leaders in the insurance industry. They are very familiar with virtual webinars; however, they graciously agreed to the tech check.  To the person, they all expressed their appreciation and said that no one had prepared them so thoroughly.

It wasn’t until the day of the webinar last fall, that I caught on to the fact that the speakers were in one webinar and the audience in the other webinar.  The speaker webinar runs through the production aspect and is then fed to the audience.

Our webinar is scheduled for next Wednesday and Thursday (March 24-25).  If you would like for me to send you the link, I would be happy for you and any members of your committee to observe some of the sessions.  Just let me know.

I hope that this information has been helpful.  If you need anything further, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Kathryn S

Project Coordinator

Ole Miss University

MLK Thank You Letter 2021

Michael Kramer
Hype Cals Video Producers
126 E Haley Street, A15 (2nd floor)
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Dear Michael.

Thanks so much for your understanding and patience.

The MLKSB Board of Directors was pleased with the outcome of the 2021 MLKSB virtual celebration produced by HypeCats.

The idea of having the presentation done as both a photo essay, along with videos covering fourteen years was quite a task, but the overall outcome was well worth the effort that went into the production of the program.

It was a joy working with Shawn Baughcr and Scott Topper, particularly in learning more about aspects of being on camera. 1 hope that we can again work together on future events.