Zoom Meeting with Branding and Title Overlays

Zoom Webinar Management at Affordable Prices.

HypeCats has produced a series of these 1-hour Panel Discussions for RED NATION NETWORK.

Each event has custom graphics, audio, and video.

What makes this type of show interesting is the lower cost of production.  Because the panelists are all in Zoom as a group, there is no need to create custom sets for the group.  The downside is we are not able to provide Title Overlays for each participant and we are limited to branding the outside edges of the screen.  We are also not able to create custom screen sets for PowerPoint presentations.

Benefits of a Hybrid Zoom Event:

  • Lower Costs than a fully ‘produced” show.
  • We handle all the Zoom management
  • Let setup time
  • HD recordings of your event are available immediately after the event
  • This is a much more professional presentation when using Zoom with some TV production enhancements


Shows are aired on Facebook on Red Nation International Film Festival page.