How to Hide the Picture in Picture mode in Zoom Meetings when someone is Screen Sharing

by | Apr 27, 2021

It’s very frustrating when you are managing a Zoom Meeting and you share your screen only to find out that what other Attendees see is a split screen with your content along with the other Attendee cameras.

STEP 1:  Someone must be sharing their screen

For the Picture in Picture, also known as “Split Screen” mode, to be present, someone in the Zoom meeting needs to be sharing their content.

STEP 2:  Select “Standard” view

From the “View” menu, in the upper right corner of your screen, select the “Standard” option. This stops the “Side by Side” view, but may still display a floating window with the camera image of one or more other Attendees.

STEP 3: Enter “Full Screen” mode

From the “View” menu, in the upper right corner of your screen, select the “Fullscreen” option.  This will remove the window frame and maximize the shared content on your screen. 

STEP 4: Hide the Video Panel

If you see a floating video Panel window, you can either drag if off to the side of your screen or remove it completely. To remove it, from the Screen Share drop-down menu, located on the top/middle of your screen, select “View Options/Hide Video Panel”

Happy Zooming! 


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