3 New Ways to Zoom Like a Pro with Video Conferencing Expert Michael Kramer

by | May 17, 2021

New Zoom Featured Reviewed in this Video

  1. 40 New Emojis to help you express your”Reactions”
  2. Use the Zoom Blur feature to smooth the wrinkles in your face
  3. Have fun with the new Immerse feature to put yourself in virtual sets.

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Michael Kramer of Hypecats shows us some new Zoom features that’ll add some zip to your Zoom Webinars and Meetings.

Zoom Adds 40 new Emojis to their “Reactions” list

Express your feelings during a Zoom Meeting at any time.

3 New Ways to Zoom Like a Pro
Zoom Reaction Emojis

Use the Zoom Blur feature to smooth the wrinkles out of your face.  You never looked so good!

The Zoom Blur Filter feature
The Zoom Blur Filter will make the wrinkles in your skin disappear

The latest new feature in Zoom Meetings is the Immerse feature

This feature allows you to create custom sets, where you and your audience can be in different scenes, like classrooms, office, or your kitchen.

New Zoom Immerse feature

Your Interview Hosts Kristina Guerrero Segun & Segun Oduolowu

theLIST Interview with HypeCats Michael Kramer -  Kristina Guerrero Segun & Segun Oduolowu

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